Our Commitment to Rejecting Racism

The Midlothian Chamber of Commerce is heartbroken by the state of our country.  Acts of hate, discrimination, and racism are not okay and must not be tolerated.  We need a more perfect union, with justice for all before healing can take place.  Now is the time and place to make those changes.

The Chamber represents a diverse organization comprised of a beautiful mosaic of backgrounds, religious beliefs, and ethnicities. At this critical juncture, it is imperative to convene community stakeholders and bring a variety of voices to the table for meaningful local conversations. As a body of leaders, the Chamber has a voice that we can use to promote understanding and build bridges.

Today, action is needed.  We hereby resolve to do our part in sharing perspectives and finding ways to work collaboratively through and beyond where we are today. We desire to be active partners in affecting change.

We will be working with all community leaders to build a path to a better future together.

Only together will we rise.

Midlothian Chamber of Commerce