2020 Legislative Series: State Rep. John Wray and Candidate Jake Ellzey

2020 Legislative Series: State Rep. John Wray and Candidate Jake Ellzey

State Representative John Wray thanks the community for their support and Candidate Jake Ellzey reviews his priorities and hopes for the future State Legislature.

Republican Candidate Jake Ellzey assured Ellis County citizens that his priorities are steadfast in uncertain times. He placed emphasis on reinvigorating Texas’ economy and giving Texans the chance to return to work.


Mr. Ellzey believes Texans should weigh COVID reports with wisdom and common sense. According to Ellzey, The obvious effects of the COVID 19 virus should be considered alongside “invisible effects” of the shutdowns.

State Budget

Ellzey anticipates the Texas State Budget will look vastly different from the budget approved six months ago. Candidate Ellzey sated he is fiscally conservative, but expects flexibility in the budget due to the unforeseen effects of the pandemic. If he is elected, Ellzey will keep open and honest communications with his constituents.


This year, the 2020 Census will result in redistricting responsibilities for State Representatives. Texas anticipates adding two congressional districts after receiving the results of the 2020 Census. Where legislators draw these lines will have a significant impact on future policy makers.

Legislative Power

Ellzey stated the power of the US Government is limited by the constitution, resulting in the US response to the COVID 19 pandemic appearing much different from elsewhere in the world. He predicted the upcoming November election will impact State Legislative effectiveness due to political party cooperation.

Candidate Jake Ellzey concluded with gratitude for the continuing support of local leaders and constituents.


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  1. […] State Rep. John Wray and Candidate Jake Ellzey […]

  2. […] State Rep. John Wray and Candidate Jake Ellzey […]