2020 Legislative Series: County Judge Todd Little

2020 Legislative Series: County Judge Todd Little

Ellis County Judge Todd Little gives the 2020 Ellis County Update. Judge Little reports on the county’s response to COVID and the bright future Ellis County is looking forward to.

Ellis County Judge Todd Little gave an update from Ellis County and discussed what we can look forward to in the future.


Judge Little discussed the challenges and innovations the County faced during the pandemic. This brought up how County budget was used for unforeseen expenses.

House Bill 2

Will House Bill 2 go into effect for 2020-2021 year? County Judge discussed potential local effects of the proposed legislature.

Economic Development

With new major employers moving into each city of Ellis County, Judge Little stated he will continue to seek more innovation and opportunities for tech companies to choose Ellis County for their home.

Looking Forward

Judge Little answered tax appraisal reform is his first priority for the coming year because he believes in protecting the citizens of Ellis County.

Judge Little also commented on the lessons of the pandemic. Crises are unavoidable, but officials can improve future response by unifying their efforts and maintaining effective communication.


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