2020 Legislative Series: Congressman Ron Wright

2020 Legislative Series: Congressman Ron Wright

US Congressman Ron Wright gave an update on decisions made and being made this year in Congress.


The Congressman started with his reports and comments of the COVID 19 pandemic and stated:

“Never again can the United States of America put itself in a position to rely on a foreign country… for medical needs.”

He also discussed the effect China’s miscommunications or false information releases had globally. Despite the pandemic, Congressman Wright looks forward to our society implementing what we have now learned for a bright future.

PPP Program

Congressman Wright advocates the extension of the PPP program included in the next package. Also in the upcoming package are additional proposed funds for K-12 Education to increase resources available to school districts.


On August 22, the Congressman will attend the session in Washington D.C. to cast his vote on the bill regarding the USPS. Of the current controversy, he clarified that machinery or boxes being removed are reductions made because of the steady decline in mail volume.

“Since 2006, mail volume has declined 33%”, the congressman stated in regards to concerns about the US Postal Service.

While he agrees, new methods of solvency are appropriate for the Postal Office, he assures us the mail system is funded through August 2021.

Future Endeavors

Speaking to the future, Congressman Wright looks forward to advocating the reduction of student debt and reducing the growing cost of higher education while serving on the Higher Education Committee of the House of Representatives.

During the Q & A session, Congressman Wright addressed SBA Loan forgiveness, regulating PPP funds, and the FAST Act expiration. He also discussed what he views is the greatest external threat to the US: Communist China.

Constant Improvement

Congressman Ron Wright concluded with a call for US citizens to have faith in each other and stand together through these challenges. He is counting on his constituents to share his hope for the constant improvement of our country.


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