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About Leadership Midlothian:

Leadership Midlothian is an annual learning program for citizens and business professionals of Midlothian who have an interest in becoming involved in the community.  Class members participate in a 10-month program that gives them an in-depth look into Midlothian and Ellis County These individuals gain knowledge about our local education system, local industry, legal system, and health care system … to name only a few areas. Most importantly, they gain the knowledge to go out and make a difference. Eligible applicants include professionals who live and/or work in Midlothian and/or Ellis County.

What Leadership Midlothian Alumni say about the program:

“Leadership Midlothian is an excellent opportunity available through the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce.  This program gives individuals the opportunity to obtain firsthand knowledge of what makes Midlothian so special. Participants gain insight on how state and county government blends with local government along with how the business community and education community continues their quest to make Midlothian better for all residents.”  – Danny Rodgers, executive vice president of Citizens National Bank of Texas (Class of 1996)

“Leadership Midlothian produces the new leaders who are essential for a thriving community like Midlothian.” – Dr. Dave Arnott, professor at Dallas Baptist University (Class of 2003)

“Midlothian Leadership taught me many great things about the businesses and services offered in Midlothian. I also made many new friends who were great business contacts.  This class gave me new respect and a great appreciation for the City of Midlothian and made me proud to live here.” – Mary Ellen Humphreys, administrative director of cardiology and radiology at Methodist Charlton Medical Center (Class of 2003)

Leadership Midlothian is an essential part of business within the community.  Not only will you become very aquainted with the inner-workings of Midlothian, you will also form many business contacts and life long friends.  Amazing class.” – Sissy Franklin, executive director of Manna House (Class of 2005)

“Leadership Midlothian is a wonderful tool where a person continues to learn about themselves, their leadership skills, and the community.  It is also a great networking opportunity where a person can make business contacts and meet lifelong friends.  Leadership Midlothian will unveil characteristic traits you are unaware of while learning and experiencing new things.” – Johnna Jones, senior administrative assistant at Texas Industries Midlothian Cement (Class of 2006)

“Leadership Midlothian inspired me to be an active participant in my community.  I learned that giving back to the community does not have to be giving a monetary donation….but giving from the heart.  The time I invested in this course was time well spent.  I encourage anyone to experience this wonderful program as it continues every year proving that this is “where leadership grows.” – Marilyn Jones, board member of CASA of Ellis County, Ellis County SPCA, Manna House, and resident of Midlothian (Class of 2008)

“Leadership Midlothian was a wonderful experience that I enjoyed thoroughly.  I enjoyed meeting other professionals and getting to know more about our community and our county.  I was exposed to many resources that I did not even know existed and were available.  I would highly recommend that any individual attend that has the chance.  I have made some lifelong friends and acquaintances.” – Shannon Minter, buyer at Gerdau (Class of 2009)

“It was both an honor and a privilege to participate in Leadership Midlothian.  I learned a great deal about the wonderful businesses and community programs in Midlothian and Ellis County. . . but it was the incredible people that we met and got to know through this year were the real jewels in the process.  I have made some great connections and feel I am more prepared to serve in our great Southern Star Community!” – Jamie Greene,  Regional Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters (Class of 2011)

Leadership Midlothian Alumni

Class of 2017
Ruteleia (Ruth) Azevedo
Robyn Barrer
Kerric Bradford
Donna Crimmins-Bonnell
Karen Davenport
Anna DeSelle
Jenean Egloff
Rwan Hardesty
Kelli Hinson
Doug Hunt
Whiteny Krupala
Louis Ponder
Kaitlyn Shaw
Heidi Smith
Tasha Taylor
Jeremy Trojacek
Ross Weaver


Class of 2016
Cathy Altman
Amy Ausmus
Rick Ausmus
Waylon Boyd
Daniel Carnes
Emily Forbes
Alex Kajstura
Leslie Leerskov
Keri Lehmann
Keith Nichols
Owen Upchurch
Denis Silva
Jennifer Stockett
Aaron Toles
Clark Wickliffe
Penny Williams
Travis Wyckoff

Class of 2015
Brandy Horton
Bridgette Hurst
Eric Reed
Jaime Sinclair
Jenny Suitor
Michelle Fisher
Stacey Jantzen
Susan Piercy
Vanessa Briggs

Class of 2014
Ashlee Noblin
Bridgette Hawks
Cammy Jackson
Casey Ballard
Cyndi Golden
Dawn Harris
Eric Wilson
Frank Baxley
Judy McGraw
Patti Binger
Robin McCommons
Ryan Bommer

Class of 2013
Larry Barnett
Tonia Barrix
Craig Belcher
Laura Capehart
Jackie Carbajal
Carissa Carroll
Guy Featherston
Carlton Glover
Alastair Howie
Kobey Juergens
Billy King
Mike Knisley
Mary McDonald
Carolyn Monk
Jeremy Morton
Marcos Ramirez

Class of 2012
Mike Barnes
Dr. Toni Engram
Tricia Green
Lisa Hammonds
Joe Jimenez
Brett Kemp
Lindsey Manwarren
Alberto Mares
Mike Martinez
Terri Presser
Dora Trillo
Marni White
Kristin Zastoupil

Class of 2011
Steve Roussel
Kyle Kutach
Paul Hernandez
Dr. Jerome Stewart
Sean Harris
Curt Terry
Del Panther
Jamie Greene
Patty Soper-Shaw
Sara Garcia
Adrian Sanchez

Class of 2010
Alonzo Ramirez
Jeri Harwell
Joe Frizzell
Joyce Keen
Karen Bittner
Karl Easley
Kyle Ballard
Michael Crittenden
Shannon Minter
Norma Belcher
Robin Bullock

Class of 2009
Jeff Allen
Giri Bhavani
Edd Bigbee
Ashley Carino
Brad Collins
Debbie Corkin
Nancy Cupp
Stephanie Davis
Chuck Hart
TJ Henley
Charles Jameson
Marilyn Jones
Cynthia Lim
Kimberly Mitchell
Dawn Rousseau
Renae Tribble

Class of 2008
Melissa Wolfe
Matt Eckelkamp
Cynthia Arnott
Urs Fuchs
Laura Wright
Vernon Witherspoon
Donald Green
Seth Tyler
Tom Sullivan

Class of 2007
Larry Keiser
Johnna Jones
Jason Crowther
Dr. Cubie Ward
Sarah Lack
Paula Baucum
Allan Toulou
Denny Lassetter
Bill Houston
Jeanette Webb
Debbie Wolf
Johnny Roland
Shara Lattimore

Class of 2006
Pat Cheshier
Brian Howell
Dan Altman
Gage Roland
Sissy Franklin
Christelle Mahler-Moser
Michel Moser
Linda Lanier
Freda Wash
Jamey Guarascio-Cosper
Joe Fallis
Charles Kellis

Class of 2005
Andrea Walton
Corky Brown
Davis Morgan, DDS
Jana Hathorne
Jason McMahon
Jim Owens
Lee Keele
Mary Ann Baker
Minnie Silva
Ron Holmes
Ronnie Rushing
Sunday Crider-Pirkle

Class of 2004
Amy Foshee Holmes, CPA
Charlotte Rice
Dr. Dave Arnott
Elaine Ruby
J.D. Kennedy
Jennifer Adams
Justin Coffman
Kim Allmon
Laura Jo Halverson
Lori Westbury
Mary Ellen Humphreys
Matthew Kertz
Richard A. Fromm, CPA
Susan Cogburn
Trina Morgan

Class of 2003
Amanda Owens
Cheryl McCurley
Dawn Gerstenkorn
Don Cole
Don Hastings
Dr. Charlie Ruby
Javier Pinto
Marty Burke
Richard Womble
Ryan Westbury
Scotty Rigsby
Sean Flaherty
Tammy Garrett

Class of 2002
Amy Womack
Bruce Harrington
Captain John Spann
Danny Davis
Glenn Garrett
Katy Wallner
Mike Lee
Randy Hampton
Tracy Crowther

Class of 2001
Beverly Woodruff
Bridget Flaherty
Cindy Ermatinger
Debbie Phillippi
Dora Miller
Kathy Stroud
Kevin Blankenship
Linda Pyles
Paula Cooper
Randy Cox
Tabitha Jackson
Tami Sue Tobey
Ted Miller
Tina Askew

Class of 2000
David Fisher
Gary McGrew
Jennifer Davidson
Joe LaBeau
Judge Chad Adams
Karen Cox
Kelly Schmidt
Mark Hill
Maurice Osborn
Pam Reese
Paul Donawho
Shelby Etter
Stephen Post
Tommy Hamilton

Class of 1999
Boyce Whatley
Brian Bottelberghe
Clint Almand
Danny Dillard
Darin Plummer
Gary Sewell
Kay Osborn
Linda Southard
Lori McCullough
Randy Denton
Rex Turner
Tammy Sanderson

Class of 1998
Buddy Reasoner
Chief Bobby Whitmire
Debbie Garvin
Doug Conroy
Helen Smith
Iris Stewart
Paul Nelson
Tim Tobey

Class of 1997
Blake Norman
Charles Peyton
Danny Rodgers
Dave Tyler
David Miracle
Jeanne Snowden Odle
Jim Adamson
Lonny Wakeland
LouAnn Worsham
Shelia Witschorke
Stuart Pryor
Susan Mason Martin, Attorney At Law
Todd Phillippi, Attorney At Law
Travis Grasses


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